Stories from the Field

Throughout the Fish on Farms project, we document the successes of participating farmers and their families. This page will be continuously updated with even more case studies as we begin the scale-up phase of the project.



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Ms. Sophear and her family have participated in the Fish on Farms project since July 2012.  Ms Sophear talks about how household decision-making and traditional gender roles have changed as a result of the Fish on Farms gender empowerment training.

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Ms. Sun Hong (aged 34) and her family have been participating in Fish on Farms since July 2012. Ms. Sun Hong explains how the Fish on Farms project has led to improved livelihoods for her and her family.

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Ms. Nan (age 33) explains how through participation in Fish on Farms project, she is able to grow a greater variety of vegetables year-round; thereby generating a stable income for her household and enabling her and her family to opt out of seasonal labor work.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 17.44.18Mr.Pha Lly and his wife, Ms. Sak Roat manage a marketing group of Fish on Farms households that meet regularly to receive skill training on how to better market their products and discuss the progress of their current businesses. By joining the marketing group, households’ have created a demand for their products in the neighbouring villages.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 17.59.48The Village Health Volunteers (VHV) plays an important role in educating caregivers on nutrition and infant and young child feeding practices to ensure healthy outcomes, especially among children. Mr. Sun and Ms. Rin speak about their experiences as VHVs and the motivation behind their work.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 18.05.17The Village Model Farm (VMF) plays a vital role as a local service provider and as a resource centre where Fish on Farms households’ obtain agricultural inputs, such as seeds and saplings, and receive essential technical support and guidance. Ms. Eng Sreoun (age 58), a very proud VMF owner, shares her experiences.

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