Meet the Team

Tim Green, PhD

Tim Green is a Adjunct Professor with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC and a Professor at the South Australia Medical Health Research Institute. He is a micronutrient expert, and the emphasis of his research is on iron, folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin D; nutritional assessment and human intervention studies; poverty reduction through improved nutritional status, and the Nutrition Transition. Dr. Green is responsible for the overall oversight and design of the Fish on Farms Project, analysis and interpretation of data, and publications.

Vitamin D for pregnant women

Judy McLean, PhD

Judy McLean is the Team Lead for the MNP projects and is a Senior Instructor with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC. Her areas of interest include global problems in food and nutrition and the political, social and cultural factors underlying malnutrition in different contexts; assessment of nutritional status, maternal infant and child feeding habits, nutrition knowledge, food intake and household food security as a basis for culturally appropriate nutrition intervention programs; and micronutrients and development issues. Of primary interest is the development, implementation and assessment of cost-effective, evidence based interventions aimed at reducing malnutrition among young children, adolescents and reproductive-age women, and improving pregnancy outcomes.

Micronutrient powders to help children in Rwanda

Zaman Talukder, MPH

Mr. Talukder is the Technical Advisor for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture at Helen Keller International. He has been working with HKI for more than 20 years in the field of food security and nutrition in different countries in Asia and Africa, and has been responsible for the development, implementation, and overall program direction for HKI’s homestead food production program. He has been considered an international expert on food and nutrition programming. He has presented many papers in international, scientific, and program-oriented meetings and symposia highlighting issues and challenges in the areas of food security, nutrition and homestead food production, with special emphasis in linking these with overall development and poverty alleviation.

Youtube: Mr. Talukder speaks at the 2020 Conference

Kristina Michaux, MSc

KristinaKristina Michaux is the UBC Project Manager for the Fish on Farms project. She has extensive experience in technical report writing, coordinating field logistics, and data management, including survey design, data entry and analysis. Kristina has also contributed to the development of national and pilot home fortification with micronutrient powder programmes in numerous countries, including Rwanda, Lao PDR, Cameroon, Uganda, and Sierra Leone. In her role as Project Manager, Kristina is responsible for overseeing the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of the Fish on Farms study.

Mr. Hou Kroeun, MPH

Mr. Hou Kroeun is the Deputy Country Director at HKI, Cambodia. He has 17 years of experience in designing and managing household food production and nutrition behavior change communication in Cambodia. Mr. Kroeun’s particular interest has been the link of program interventions with research components to generate solid evidence for improved program interventions. Integration of household food production with nutrition components is a most heartfelt motivation of Mr. Kroeun’s work at HKI. Working with the local government to successfully scale-up the national VAS program is another key highlight of Mr. Kroeun’s tenure.

Mr. Keith Porter, MSc

Keith-PorterMr. Keith Porter is the Country Director of Helen Keller International in Cambodia. He has managed complex and multi faceted programs and has technical expertise in WASH, food security, livelihoods and disaster risk reduction programs.

Ms. Ly Sokhoing, MPH

Ms. Ly Sokhoing has been the Database Manager and Deputy Program Manager at HKI/Cambodia for 10 years. She is a highly qualified and effective individual in database management. Her areas of interest include research design, data cleaning, in-depth data analysis, and managing field staff to implement effective programs. Ms. Sokhoing has provided technical assistance to other organizations and national governments to carry out surveys, undertake program assessments and conduct evaluations in order to find innovative strategies for food and nutrition security related programs.

Larry Lynd, PhD

Larry-LyndLarry Lynd is a Professor with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC. He is also Associate Director of the Collaboration for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE); an MSFHR Scholar; a CIHR New Investigator; and a Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies Early Career Scholar. His research interests include pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, pharmaceutical outcomes research, risk-benefit analysis methods, asthma-related outcomes, population health and socioeconomic differences in prescribing and disease management, database analysis, and longitudinal analysis.

Ian Forster, PhD

Ian Forster is a scientist for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research. His principle area of research is aquatic animal nutrition, especially as it relates to development of sustainable aquaculture. He is also interested in the factors that influence how nutrients flow through natural eco-systems. Most of his research involves finding alternative protein and oil sources and developing feeds for species new to aquaculture, but exploring the nutrient and energy pathways.

Tony Farrell, PhD

Tony Farrell holds a Canada Research Chair in Fish Physiology, Culture and Conservation. He is internationally recognized for his research into the properties of fish hearts, why their cardiorespiratory systems collapse at high temperature and how some hearts continue to function without oxygen. His research has advanced knowledge of how fish survive under harsh conditions, which will help improve fish conservation and fish farming practices in world challenged by population growth.

Dr. Farrell speaking about the effects of climate change on BC’s salmon population

Jeff Kroeker, MBA

Jeff Kroeker is a faculty member at UBC in the Sauder School of Business and the founder of the Arc Initiative. The Arc Initiative is unique partnership of business leaders, faculty, young professionals and students that work together to increase economic wellbeing at the community level through developing business management and leadership capacity in South Africa, Ethiopia, Colombia, Rwanda and now Cambodia. Jeff is the lead of the Arc Cambodia team and will provide technical expertise and oversight in the development of a business and entrepreneurship training for project beneficiaries to improve farmers access to markets and increase income from Homestead Food Production.

Crystal Karakochuk, MSc, RD, PhD Candidate

Crystal-KarakochukCrystal Karakochuk is a PhD Candidate in Human Nutrition at the University of British Columbia. She is a Registered Dietitian and has worked internationally with the UN World Food Programme (Rwanda, Malawi, Ethiopia, Italy HQ) and UNICEF (Timor-Leste). Her PhD work is focused on investigating the causes of anemia (e.g. iron and other micronutrient deficiency, inflammation, genetic hemoglobin disorders) among women of reproductive age in Cambodia.

Kyly Whitfield, MSc, PhD Candidate

Kyly WhitfieldKyly is a PhD Candidate in Human Nutrition at UBC. She has combined her passions for food science and nutrition in her doctoral research, which aims to combat infantile beriberi in Cambodia through maternal consumption of thiamin-fortified fish sauce. More information can be found here Kyly’s other research interests include infant and young child feeding, food and nutrition security, gender mainstreaming in nutrition programming, and knowledge translation and transfer.

Myra Cheung, BSc

IMG_4142Myra Cheung is the Research Assistant for the Fish on Farms Project. She plays a key role in the adaptation, development and implementation of the 24-hour dietary recall methodology into the Cambodian context to evaluate the nutritional outcomes of the women farmers and their children. Her research interests include evaluation methods, maternal and child health and food security. Having worked on a variety of public health interventions locally in Vancouver and overseas in Haiti, Zambia and Cambodia, she has developed a keen passion to combine technical research skills with her love for different cultures to work closely with communities across Southeast Asia. She is currently completing her MScPH at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and holds a BSc in Cell Biology and Genetics with a minor in Nutritional Sciences from UBC.

Pardis Lakzadeh, BSc, MSc Candidate

PardisPardis Lakzadeh is a Master of Science student in Population and Public health in the Health economics option. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Sciences in the area of Human Nutrition and Immunology from UBC. Her research interests involves understanding the economic impact of large-scale interventions at the household level as well as the Economic Evaluation of nutrition programs aimed at reducing maternal and child under nutrition.

Vashti Verbowski, BSc, RD, MSc

AppleMarkVashti Verbowski is a Master of Science student in Human Nutrition at UBC. She is investigating the dietary intakes of women and children participating in the Fish on Farms project. Vashti is also interested in behaviour change and understanding how cultural beliefs, gender, and food knowledge influence eating behaviour. Vashti has worked as a Registered Dietitian for four years, with experience in diabetes, residential care and various acute care settings. She also works as a private practice dietitian; see her website and video blog at:

Nick Pons

Nick Pons is a Vancouver based graphic designer with 6+ years of multi-disciplinary design experience. He has worked alongside the MNP team in the branding of the Micronutrient Project, as well as other various MNP projects in Cambodia, Zambia and Mozambique. Nick strives to create work that communicates unique ideas with functional and solid execution. His specialities include: branding, illustration, advertising, print, environmental sign-age, web design and packaging.